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You had to fight. Prayed to Gavan--become one of his Hounds. Fangs. Fur. An ache for the moon... A prophecy's comin'. One of salvation. And you're at its center.
- The Narrator

Werewolf Journey is a main quest of Desidério Ríos.


Absolution Hall[]

Desiderio Dios 1.png

Walk around to collect items and supplies. Optional activities:

  • Free the werewolf in the left cell to gain access to the Golden Ace of Spades. The werewolf will become hostile and need to be putdown.
  • Free the werewolf in the right cell, which angers the cleric sitting outside but other than that, there is no consequence. The werewolf can be recruited or otherwise remains in the basement until the end of the journey.

Go upstairs and talk to Franciscus to start the next part of the quest.


The following outcomes are the direct consequences of Dezi's actions during his journey. This section contains spoilers for the Oneirist Journey.

Oneirist Journey[]

  • Destroying the Blood Moon has the following consequences:
    • Leila Vidrio will be hunted by the law.
    • If Sybil Branch and Franciscus were not killed, they will be imprisoned at Somnolence. Constance can choose to free them, in which case they become bounties.
    • Absolutionist Church will fall into disarray, with many spirit halls abandoned. People's attitude toward the Absolutionists will change drastically, calling them liars and Franciscus false prophet.
  • Using the power of the Blood Moon has the following consequences:
    • Dezi cannot be recruited by Constance as he will become mortal enemy of the Oneirists.