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This article is about the location, you may be looking for the video game Weird West.

The West, a land of opportunity. Adventure. A place where you can be a hero, a scoundrel, and anything in-between. Play your cards right and coming out here could be the best thing that ever happened to you. If you can survive, that is.
- Anaïs

Weird West or The West is a region where the game Weird West takes place. It consists of a diverse number of ecosystems including desert, lush forest, swamp, and rocky mountain. Settlers, sailing across the seas from the Old Home, have been around this region for about a hundred years but there are ruins and ancient temples of an older civilization that once existed here.[1]


Map of the Weird West (Click to open interactive map).

  • Broke Hoop Hollow
  • El Castillo Desert
  • Gravedust Wastes
  • Millswood
  • Offerton Valley
  • Pigeater Bog
  • Ridgeback Wilds
  • Sheperd Mountains
  • Spirit's Backbone
  • Stackstone Plains


  • Traveling through swamps and mountains is slower, even with horses, which increases the chance of Random Encounters
  • Random encounters to the east side of the map have higher chance to spawn more and stronger enemies.
  • Characters in Weird West might change their surnames when their spouses pass away and they remarry.[2]
  • Discrimination against colored people also exists in the world of Weird West.[3]