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The following is the changelog for Weird West Patch 1.03 or "The Miners and the Restless" update.

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New Features[]

  • Weapon Perks: Each weapon found has a low chance of having a random perk attached to it, such as increasing critical damage against non-humans, a chance to poison enemies, or ignoring part of your target armor. Upgrading a weapon with the forge will preserve the perk that was attached to the weapon. This is the first part of WolfEye's continued loot pass, which will continue with future patches by adding even more unique random gameplay effects to weapons!
  • Reputation Tab: Patch 1.03 will see the introduction of the Reputation TAB, allowing you to track down what Vendettas are still active against you, what Friends for Life you have acquired but also what Vendettas or Friends for Life are being dragged with any Companions you have recruited into your Posse. From this tab you can also check out in what locations you are currently wanted in.
  • New Aiming System Options: In an effort to make the aiming system easier to use for players of all skill levels, we are adding two gameplay options that can be tuned or turned on/off at any point, depending on your preferences. "Aiming Accuracy" when set to Permissive will make the aiming system more forgiving so that you will still hit your target even if you don't very accurately aim at it. A second option"Slo-Mo while aiming" was also added to allow the game to slow down a tiny bit while entering aim mode to make things a bit less overwhelming if you prefer action a bit less fast-paced.

New Contents[]

  • A new location called Wanderer Outpost, which is similar to Wanderer Caravans but can always be accessed.
  • Two new mine variants.
  • Jane's revolver, Ol' Blue, now has unique models and can be upgraded all the way to Legendary tier.


  • Revamped Companions' AI: A lot of love was given for this patch to Companions' AI to avoid most of the issues related to companions not engaging in combat, getting stuck and not following you or disappearing altogether. While Companions and AI in general will remain one of our core focus for the coming weeks, to keep on improving the experience, we are confident this update will make Companions a more reliable part of combat!
  • New Progression System: Patch 1.03 also introduces a revamped progression system, where Weapon Abilities you acquired now transfer between Journeys (unlike Class Abilities) so the progression between the 5 Journeys feel more connected in term of progression. Note that if you load an existing save file after patching, you will be prompted to opt in or opt out of this new system, but all new games started after this patch will use the new progression system. Similarly, when recruiting your previous Journey Heroes, ammo, money but also horse ownership are now transferred to the new Hero so you don't feel like your hard-earned dollars and belongings are just vanishing. To go along with those changes, we have also done a full balancing pass on the game economy (specifically how much junk items you find in containers and their value) but we have also revised the enemies level progression in secondary locations so that the game difficulty in those locations doesn't plateau as much after the second Journey. This also means Bounty Targets from the Bounty Board will now correctly progress throughout the game. offering 3, 4 and 5 stars Bounties as you progress. You will now also receive a relay from the Marshall when Bounties for key Story Characters are added to the Bounty Board so those don't fully unnoticed!
  • 60 Fps on Xbox Series S: For those of you playing on Xbox Series S, we did a pass of optimizations (which will also benefit to lower-end PCs and Xbox One and PS4). The result of that optimization pass is that the game now runs at a steady 60fps on Xbox Series S! We hope you will enjoy the smoother experience!
  • Added a delay during which inputs are ignored after smelting an item to avoid smelting the next one in the list by mistake

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed some pickup items duplicating when saving and reloading in secondary locations
  • Fixed shrapnel mine not properly saved and restored after saving/reloading
  • Fixed destroyable carriable props which were reappearing after being destroyed on save/reload
  • Partially fixed memory bloating over long playthroughs which could result in repeated out-of-memory crashes for some players (eg loading Grackle). This fix should decrease how frequent the issue might have been for some of you, especially on a new playthrough started with this patch, but might not be sufficient for walkthrough already well advanced for some players - so we are still working on further fixes for this and we will let you know of further development. If possible, we will try and release full fix for this via a hot fix without waiting for the next patch release
  • Partial fix for carriable not being properly restored to the position player moved them to on save/reload (full fix for this coming with next patch)
  • Fixed a couple of other different crashes that could happen during gameplay
  • Fixed all friendly Oneirists in the world becoming enemies after the player visited Canker during the Pigman Journey
  • Fixed quest item sometimes not appearing in the new natural cave map and new hacienda during item fetcher quest
  • Fixed Bounty targets not properly repopulating bounty board between Journey leading to not having higher level targets as the game progresses throughout the 5 Journeys
  • Fixed being stuck in a travel encounter if the enemy you killed had a vendetta against you and their ghost spawned when they died
  • Fixed several issues with Companions not following and not engaging in combat or completely disappearing
  • Fixed world generator not correctly assigning available maps to secondary locations resulting in some world seeding where all locations of the same type (eg mines etc) could be using the exact same map layout
  • Fixed Bounty Mission sometimes leading to an already dead target, preventing from being able to complete the Bounty Mission
  • Fixed Bounty System reusing back to back the same location over and over
  • Fixed Player Horses getting stuck in a state where they would constantly run away from player upon arriving at destination
  • Fixed several blockers that could appear during the Prison extraction side quest
  • Fixed player sometimes being wrongly spotted by enemies when behind cover or hiding in bushes
  • Fixed Blocker issue during Protector Journey with finding Bracelet in Galen's Crossing
  • Fixed being stuck in Wolf form when demonstrating Werewolf transformation for the researcher in Grackle during the Werewolf Journey
  • Fixed dead zone on camera control when using the mouse
  • Fixed side quest items remaining in player inventory after completing delivery side quest
  • Fixed weapon showing as equipped on player horse since last update
  • Fixed blocker with not being able to talk to Leila in Oleander Temple in some contexts
  • Fixed blocker with not being able to destroy the Olvidado Mine in some contexts
  • Fixed several issues with not being able to retrieve the brand from dead heroes corpses during the Oneirist Journey
  • Fixed Farmstead deed item cluttering player inventory after related objectives were completed
  • Fixed Protector Hero falling below ground in Thriving Place during Oneirist Journey
  • Fixed blocker where sometimes the leader of the Dagger & Bone could not be found in Fort Glenn during the Protector Journey
  • Fixed Sheriff Albright sometimes still being the Sheriff at Grackle when she should no longer be
  • Fixed quest tracking marker not appearing on the container for item fetcher quest in natural caves
  • Fixed not being able to interact with the Bounty board in Cedar Flats after completing the Holy Pig quest
  • Fixed post-process from first vision cinematic remaining active after cinematic during the Oneirist Journey
  • Fixed NPCs in Grackle Ransacked not commenting on you stealing dead people belongings on the street
  • Fixed Shelby Cross Vendetta not triggering
  • Fixed unexploded sharpnel mine spawning in next location after traveling
  • Fixed sharpnel mine wrongly being detonated by NPCs walking on the floor beneath the one the mine is set on
  • Fixed arrows not restocking properly overtime at trapper camps and towns' Dagger and Bone shops
  • Fixed player twitching rapidly when using the new projectiles aiming system against a wall
  • Fixed melee weapon on secondary weapon slot swapping to primary slot on save/reload
  • Fixed ranged weapon fire rate going crazy if you changed from melee to ranged weapon while swining your melee weapon
  • Fixed player getting caught trespassing while the game was paused
  • Fixed travel encounter sometimes loading without a scenario
  • Fixed Pigman Joe being wrongly hostile to player after Pigman Journey
  • Fixed zombies raised by Wraith during a Wraith Friend for Life intervention being hostile to player
  • Fixed deputy spawning behind locked door in the bank while grackle is ransacked
  • Fixed Bounty target body correct continuing escorting the target even after their death resulting in them running to the corpse location every time player moves it
  • Fixed Itinerant Merchant not selling items if player visited Quickbend early in the game
  • Fixed bank clerk sometimes not working or not being at their desk
  • Fixed infinite burning state on companions if you shot at them while equiped with a certain amulet
  • Fixed wells in farms never having a chance to lead to an underground cave
  • Fixed issue where Across River would lose their inventory when rescued
  • Fixed issue where quest NPC would not leave Galens Crossing after sending a relay stipulating that they did
  • Fixed BH Wedding band being mentioned as having been pawned when you only put it in your horse saddlebag
  • Fixed player getting stuck on safe door when opening a safe from the side
  • Fixed several scripting issue around Snack and Albright location during Bounty Hunter Journey
  • Fixed prisoner not spawning inside cell during the Prison extraction side quest
  • Fixed not removing side-quest item from player inventory when failing Illiterate Love Notes side quest
  • Fixed Heathen sometimes not starting her convo in Fox Glove
  • Fixed player horse disappearing on save/load if saving close to it at beginning of Werewolf Journey in first location
  • Fixed several scripting issue with Previous Journey Heroes not appearing at the temple during Oneirist Journey
  • Fixed side-quest item sometimes not appearing in stash during ghost torment side quest
  • Fixed issue where you would sometime buy an item by mistake when opening the shop UI
  • Fixed Werewolf status text wrongly mentioning stats increased that are not actually increased
  • Fixed Shelby Cross sometimes not engaging in combat after turning into his siren form
  • Fixed typo in letter found during the Strangeness side quest
  • Fixed several typos in loading hints
  • Various minor bug fixes

Hot Fix 1.03D[]

  • Fix for Player inventory duplicating and overriding Player's Horse inventory
  • Fix for Ranged Weapon fire rate going crazy in some rare contexts
  • Fix for Weapon Perks and Item Durability being reset when put in Horse's Saddlebag or Bank Safe after save/reload
  • Fix Ruth becoming hostile after being captured during a Bounty mission
  • Fix for Dead Zone issue on game pad (introduced when fixing the one on Mouse)
  • Fix for some Amulets' effects remaining active after unequipping the amulet