Weird West Wiki

The following is the changelog for Weird West Patch 1.02, "Snake-in-my-Boot" update.


New Contents[]

  • Two new Random Encounters: Howling Hatch and Serpent's Mouth.
  • Two new abandoned mine variations: Wraith and Ridgeback scenarios.
  • Three new cave variations: Sirens / Wild Animals / Wraith Scenarios.
  • One new hacienda variation.

New Features[]

  • You can now one-shot stealth kill unaware NPC with your melee weapons.
  • Blunt weapons (e.g. shovels, warclubs), kicking, and punching now knock out people when taking them to 0 HP.
  • The projectile system has been revamped so that you now freely control with the mouse or gamepad stick the exact position where you will throw the projectile. Projectile speed and arc were also tuned to make it easier to throw them through doors and windows!
  • You can now scrap all weapons at once via the new scrap menu and you can also scrap directly from your Companions or Horse inventory from there!
  • Knocking out sleeping NPCs won't make this NPC alert other NPCs since they now perceive them as still... sleeping!


  • Removed the ability to swap to previous weapon by tapping the weapon wheel key in favor of making opening the weapon wheel more responsive.
  • Gamepad Aiming: Now Only show Aiming Line if the stick is fully pressed to better teach player to aim with the the stick fully pressed as the aiming system responds better this way.
  • Made player holster animation faster to make the game more responsive.
  • Added Auto Save points when entering the underground part of Big Gulch Mine, Copper Mountain Quarry, Bitter Rock and Boulder Creek Mine.
  • Added Auto Save Points in some Journey Locations which had very long stretch without Auto Save often leaving player with a big chunk of progression lost if they died in the middle of the location and hadn't thought of doing a manual save.


  • Tripled amount of time blood splatters remain in environment during combat on PC.
  • Removed "FLIP" interaction that was wrongly present on Nimp Heads.
  • Allowed stealing Sibil's Journal without triggering an unfair forced detection/failure in some contexts.
  • Changed "Enter the Blood Moon Temple" objective wording to make it clearer that you need to first find a way to enter it.
  • Disabled death cam when killing an unconscious NPCs.
  • Made it so that the Bounty Board when very first accessed only has one Bounty available, and more adds over time after that point, to avoid channelling players into doing 3 Bounties off the bat and create room to breath for other type of side quests.
  • Made side quests more likely to appear in small locations like farms, homestead and haciendas.
  • Made the Sentry Silencer cost more AP.
  • Tuned Shotgun weapons spread and damage falloff.
  • Lowered Relay Decryption cost to avoid having to chain too many bounties at beginning of the game.
  • Tuning pass on AI reaction times to make it a bit more responsive.
  • AIs now search in place a bit longer when investigating a threat creating a bigger window of opportunity for player to sneak on them without AI constantly moving around and flipping at player's face as they approach.
  • Full polishing pass on Player character animations.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Bounty Board giving Bounty Side Quest for dead target resulting in no Bounty NPC being present in the quest location.
  • Fixed Werewolf Hero inventory, Relics etc not being properly transferred when recruited in Oneirist Journey.
  • Fixed Xbox Series S framerate being wrongly capped to 30 instead of 60.
  • Fixed Fighting Pit Tap Root sometimes self destroying upon arriving in location preventing from completing Tap Roots objective in Pigman Journey.
  • Fixed not being able to enter a Travel Encounter if the INTERACT control had been rebound to "C".
  • Fixed bug that would display placeholder Reputation change notification.
  • Fixed Camera issue during the Oneirist Journey 3rd vision that would happen under specific contexts.
  • Fixed Wiindigo not reacting to being silently shot with the bow while unaware.
  • Fixed some enemies wrongly patrolling after save/loading in Copper Mountain Quarry.
  • Fixed bug where Soul Vessel would duplicate when transferred to your horse saddlebags.
  • Fixed Farm's deed not turning into a Junk item in Galen's inventory after the Bounty Hunter Journey.
  • Fixed Issue in Werewolf Journey where Journey would sometime wrongly auto complete in Quail Run Mine if Demolition Expert was killed.
  • Fixed Wolfsbane Clipping being wrongly taken out of player inventory again after Loading save file in Blood Moon Temple.
  • Fixed Vultures not being poisoned after eating a poisoned corpse.
  • Fixed Ability Wheel wrongly showing weapon abilities instead of class abilities if you had switched weapons while aiming and then exited aiming mode.
  • Fixed Sheriff not respawning in Boulder Creek Town preventing turning in Bounty Side Quests.
  • Fixed Sheriff not respawning in Grackle after Albright leaves town preventing turning in Bounty Side Quests.
  • Fixed opened Blood Moon Temple underground gate not re opening on reloading a save file.
  • Fixed Chicken Coop spawning eggs even where there is no live chicken left in location.
  • Fixed Journey Heroes leaving your Posse when performing bad deeds.
  • Fixed Deputy Monte leaving your Posse when turning in too many bounties.
  • Fixed Trapper supplies not transferring to Outlaws during Heist encounter when forfeiting the item to them.
  • Fixed Pigman Joe being wrongly recruitable by default post Pigman Journey.
  • Fixed Amulet of Desperation applied status not having an icon or name.
  • Fixed Cellar Key not opening Cellar during the Graveyard Ghost Side Quest.
  • Fixed Plague Zombies wrongly spawning in other locations if you leave the farm during the zombie attack in the associated side quest during Plague Outbreak.
  • Fixed receiving reputation update twice after cleaning the farm of plague zombie during related side quest.
  • Fixed various continuity issues in Bounty Hunter Journey if you skip part of the objectives by exploring and finding Copper Mountain Quarry early on.
  • Fixed Ghost VFX being too faint prior to having the ability to converse with ghosts.
  • Fixed NPCs throwing dynamites not showing their dynamite in hand prior to throwing it which prevented telegraphing the attack.
  • Fixed a couple of possible random crashes.
  • Fixed Calamity disappearing entirely during Protector Journey if you had bought a new horse.
  • Fixed Companions inventory showing multiple items equipped that were not equipped if they had multiple same items in inventory.
  • Fixed Ruth not reacting to being shot with Silent Shot Ability while being unaware of player.
  • Fixed Gazette wrongly mentioning a pigman having had access to the Lantern Room if you had done the entire Lanter Room mission in a stealth way.
  • Fixed Banks' Ore Buyer sometimes not working after reloading a save.
  • Fixed being able to entirely hide from AI when carrying a barrel around.
  • Fixed duplicated Ruth who will show up again even though she had been previously killed.
  • Fixed Companion Armor Value so it's now properly only based on whatever Vest they have equipped.
  • Fixed Desiderio sometimes having infinite amount of Armor value during Oneirist Journey.
  • Fixed Companions sometimes attacking caged prisoner during Heathen's Judgement game.
  • Fixed Sybil's note to Franciscus spawning in Absolution Hall even though both were killed by Player prior to that.
  • Fixed Player not being able to interact with their current Horse if they had rebought and replaced too many of them.
  • Fixed Siren from Greenwood Run Intro not leaving location if intro cinematic was skipped at a specific point.
  • Fixed player being in stuck in place if opening and closing Bounty Board too quickly.
  • Fixed Player Character T Posing if drinking too many alcoholic beverages and starting to vomit.
  • Fixed outlaws being wrongly present in the mines wraith scenario during Pigman Joe' side quest.
  • Fixed Shovels Durability resetting when being put in saddlebags.
  • Fixed NPCs teleporting back to their original patrol point when reloading a save in the Lantern Room Location.
  • Fixed Dead Vulture's meat disappearing from their inventory when they are set on fire.
  • Fixed Heathen and Marshall wrongly referring to player actions that were not done in the interstitial scene between Bounty Hunter and Pigman Journeys.
  • Fixed maid and gunslingers wrongly appearing in Galen's Crossing's basement.
  • Fixed Werewolf Hero inventory, Relics etc not being properly transferred when recruited in Oneirist Journey.
  • Fixed rare case where no Ritualist and Canker Sigil were spawned in Elephant' Spine.
  • Fixed Companion's HP Bar getting stuck in some cases.
  • Fixed Money Collection side quest not being completable if player knocked out the debtor and took money from their inventory.
  • Fixed Shotgun sometimes sending hit NPC through walls.
  • Fixed Desiderio sometimes being hostile while in Broken Steppe.
  • Fixed case where Posse Member would vanish.
  • Fixed case where Journey Hero would never arrive to Broken Steppe.