Weird West Wiki

The following is the changelog for Weird West Patch 1.01.

Quality of Life[]

  • You can now access your Companions and Horse inventory directly from the Shop UI to resell items directly from their inventory.
  • Decreased HOLD time on Scrap Weapon interaction to be standard HOLD interact time to make it less annoying to scrap multiple weapons in a row.
  • Added an option so that player can transfer at once all junk items from their inventory to a companion, horse or container inventory.
  • You can drop items from your inventory when browsing containers/NPCs inventory and opening your inventory side panel.
  • Made it clearer on the Crafting UI which is the item you produce and which are the items needed.


  • Companions now auto use bandages they have in their inventory when their health drops below 40% (instead of the threshold being at 25%).
  • Tuned distraction noise made by throwing props around so AIs will react to it from further away, allowing player more control over this system.
  • Your Horse now stops if it was moving while if you attempt to search their Saddlebags (and Saddlebags wont auto close if they restart moving for whatever reasons, but will still auto close if you move away from your Horse).

Bug Fixes[]

  • The Protector Journey Hero recruited as a Companion will no longer wrongly quit your Posse when receiving friendly fire.
  • Bolt-Action Forester Rifles now have their correct icon in the Weapon Wheel.
  • Fixed opening of the Shop UI sometimes wrongly auto selling a random item from Player inventory, if you pressed USE for too long when validating the choice "Browse Goods".
  • Fixed crafting of items not dropping crafted item at Player's Feet if player's inventory was full.
  • Fixed an issue with Keyboard+Mouse where you could not navigate the "Abilities" and "Perks" TAB of the Journal if you had used LMB on any of the Abilities or Perks.
  • Fixed one of the Heathen Travel Encounter not triggering on a specific story path.
  • Fixed Canker and Fighting Pit Sigil being wrongly destroyed when using a generic Sigil to access a secondary Temple (the fix is retroactive and if the bug happened already to you, you will re receive the missing Sigil upon entering the Fighting Pit/Canker or upon reloading a save in those locations).
  • Fixed issue with abandoned mine sometimes not being correctly populated with Sirens when using Sirens Scenario.
  • Fixed Foliage/Bushes areas in Canyon Location to have less "holes" in them so player does not get surprised detected while walking hidden in the middle of a bush patch.
  • Fixed Weapon Shops Guards being pulled to guard banks in Town instead of staying inside the Weapon Shop (also solves Deputies being inside the locked ransacked Bank at beginning of the game).
  • Fixed Easy Prey/Terror on the Trail side quests having their quest item disappearing if you entered the abandoned wagon location and re entered it prior to finding the item.
  • Fixed losing reputation when killing Ravenous at Galen's Crossing.
  • Fixed being able to bury companions in Olvidado's lair, resulting in not being able to access their corpse during the last Journey.
  • Fixed finding husband in Bounty Hunter Journey, without freeing him and then returning to Galen's Crossing and completing local objectives prematurely and wrongly completing the Journey.
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases, Essex Mast in Quickbend does not follow up with his blocking conversation when you free him, resulting in an objective blocker.
  • Fixed Tanning Racks in Trapper Camps having nav mesh beneath them which could result in side quest NPCs spawning inside tanning racks and blocking side quest progression.
  • Fixed Rope being removed from player inventory every time you reloaded into a location where you had attached the rope to a skylight.
  • Fixed Documents, Nimp Relics, Keys, Golden Ace not transferring from 4th to 5th Hero.
  • Fixed Oneirist leaving location while talking with her about the cursed statuette during the Ritual travel encounter.
  • Fixed hole in bush area at starting point of Greenwood Run resulting in player getting unfairly detected.
  • Fixed the Reputation Notification sometimes displaying a placeholder text.
  • Fixed Ability Wheel not showing weapon abilities when having set AIMING to TOGGLE MODE and aiming with your weapon.
  • Fixed Sheriff wrongly going hostile during the side quest where they open the cell after being bribed.
  • Fixed rare blocker bug where Pigman Hero would not go to destination during a specific Objective in last Journey.


  • Improved throwable weapons (e.g. dynamites, etc.) throw arc and speed so they are easier to use in combat and can easily be sent through door frames, etc.
  • Wanderers now also buy Junk Items to give more opportunities to resell such items while on the road.
  • The game now cycle through 5 x Auto Save Slots instead of 3, so you can more easily backtrack through save files if needed.
  • Game Pass PC Build now uses 10 Manual Save Slots like on Xbox (up from 5) so it matches for Save Roaming between both platforms.
  • Added Loading Hint about Companions not requiring Ammo to use ranged weapons.
  • Made it so that if you return a handcuffed Bounty Target, they only have a low chance of later jail breaking and starting a vendetta against you (was previously 100% when it should have been 15%).