Weird West Wiki

Treasure Hunt is a type of procedural-generated side quest that involves acquiring a treasure map and going to the indicated location to dig up a mound cache. Treasure maps are randomly looted from enemies or containers, and reading the maps would randomly generate 'Secret Stash' locations on the Weird West map.

The layouts of Secret Stash maps are also procedural generated and are guarded by different types of enemies such as Pigmen, Wraiths, and outlaws. Note that exiting then reentering the locations would respawn the enemies. The actual location of the mounds caches also vary but they can usually be found near interesting-looking rock formations and/or surrounded by a circle of small rocks/plants. Occasionally, the mound caches are also marked by a white 'X' on a nearby rock or tree.

Potential rewards include but not limited to: Nimp Relics, Golden Aces of Spades, copper/silver/gold nuggets. In very rare cases, high level amulets and legendary weapons can be found in the mound caches.


  • During Beta, sometimes Profane Treasure Maps can be found, which require Profane Linguistic affliction possessed by Constance Driftwood to decipher. This item, however, seems to have been removed from the release version.