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Towns are hub areas where most inhabitants of the West live. Here, many services such as smithy, doctor, general store, and gun shop are provided.


Towns offer a wide array of shops and services, though most of them don't have all.

  • Bank: A deposit box can be purchased here, allowing the Protagonist to store items that can be accessed by future protagonists. Deposit boxes in all banks are linked together. Banks also buy surplus ores and ingots. Note that it's more profitable to sell ingots than ores.
  • Dagger and Bones shop: buy and sell hides, pelts, vests, bows & Ammunition, skinning tools. Vest can also be crafted and upgraded here. Restock after 72 in-game hours.
  • Doctor's offices: buy and sell elixirs & bandages. They also buy Nimp heads. Restock after 72 in-game hours.
  • General store: buy and sell tools, & food. Also, buy junk items. Restock after 72 in-game hours.
  • Gun shops: buy and sell guns and ammunition. Restock after 72 in-game hours.
  • Post office: send and receive relays. Newspapers can also be read here.
  • Saloon: offer lodging and drinks. Newspapers can be read here, and sometimes there are poker players.
  • Sheriff's office: where bounties are posted and claimed. Captured bounties are also imprisoned here.
  • Smithy: Weapons can be upgraded here. Ores can be turned into ingots, and vice versa.
  • Stable: sell horses.

Notable Towns[]

Abandoned Towns[]

There are abandoned towns dotted across the West, which are usually occupied by outlaws, Ridgebacks, and Zombies (only during a plague outbreak). Once an abandoned town is cleared of enemies, a new group of enemies will eventually settle in. If all inhabitants of a normal town are killed, the town will temporarily become abandoned and be filled with enemies. The town, however, will eventually recover and new people will move in. Towns that are abandonned from the start can never recover.


  • The "riffle" typo on the walls of gun shops is an actual mistake during development. The developers fixed it by adding a red "X" over the extra "f".[1]
  • At saloons, sometimes patrons drank too much and go outside to vomit.
  • Running around the pianos at saloons sometimes irritate the musicians. They might say things like "Hey! You soured my note!"
  • In very rare occasions, an Amulet can be found in water towers.
  • It's possible to ring the school bells by shooting them.