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The Scholar is a mysterious woman who lives on Heronwall Summit in Weird West.


The Scholar is an immortal and a member of The Twenty-One. Like her brethren, she came from the Old Home, and had lived for thousands of years.

Protector Journey[]

After Across Rivers acquired the first Olvidado bracelet, the Scholar sends him a relay, claiming she can translate the bracelets' inscriptions, which is an ancient language from the Old Home. She offers to help if he can bring all three bracelets to Heronwall Summit.

She also possesses a book written by the Ancients on the subject of soul transference, which Essex Mast has been trying to acquire. Across Rivers can persuade The Scholar to give Essex the book or ignore his request.

Oneirist Journey[]

It is revealed that the Scholar came up with the idea of using The Wishing Tome to end the universe, thus ending the miserable existence of the Twenty-One.


  • When attacked, sometimes the Scholar says "Have you any idea how many murder methods I have memorized?"
  • She values her books and is very protective of them. Attacking her might prompt her to say "Not the book!" or "Put that away! You'll damage the books!"
  • She also claims that she has read every single book.