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The Branded is a group of five individuals who are linked together via the mysterious Brand, an advanced Wanderer rune that allows body possession. An individual known as the Passenger uses this brand to control the members of the Branded one by one. After the Passenger is done with one and moves on to the next person, the victims were left disoriented and lose all memories of what happened during the possession. They can feel something was inside them but all they have is some vague and hazy recollections. Once the possession is over, the brand is burnt out.


The group consists of Jane Bell - a former bounty hunter, Cl'erns Qui'g - a man who was turned into a monstrous creature, Across Rivers - a protector of the Lost Fire Nation, Desidério Ríos - a devotee of the Absolutionist Church, and Constance Driftwood - an Oneirist.

Companion Banters[]

As Companions, members of the Branded have unique dialogues or interactions with each other that no other companion has.

Location Dialogues
Absolution Hall
  • Dezi: "Probably shouldn't show my face much around here. Bad blood, these days."
Blood Moon Temple
  • Dezi: "Can't destroy the Blood Moon twice. Only dust left--and plenty dead."
  • Clarence: "Canker. If there was one place on Yeb's green earth that the spirits forgot, it's this one."
Bell Stead
  • Jane: "Always hurts comin' back, with Huck gone.
Boulder Creek
  • Across Rivers: "I'm glad to see this place restored. Those Ridgebacks here were beyond our medicine."
Cedar Flats
  • Clarence: "This Yeb-foresaken place! Maybe that sheriff won't be such an ass this time around."
Cedar Flats
  • Dezi: "Wonder what happened to all those sick Devotees. Wonder if they still believe in anything."
Copper Mountain Quarry
  • Jane: "This place still gives me nightmares. Let's get this done quick."
Copper Mountain Quarry (Shelby Cross is still alive)
  • Jane: "Where are ye, Cross?"
Dread Slough
  • Clarence: "I'd say "home sweet home," but this place doesn't exactly inspire warm, fuzzy feelings."
    • Jane: "This your bog, Clarence? Smell here could leave a man sterile."
    • Across Rivers: "This is where you come from? Twisted medicine here, Clarence."
    • Dezi: "No kidding, Clarence. Place smells like every pig in creation took a shit in one spot."
Dread Slough
  • Clarence: "Heh. These fuckers had some fun redecoratin', didn't they?"
Fort Glenn
  • Across Rivers: "The trappers. I hope our alliance helps bring balance to this land."
  • Jane: "Me and the trappers got a decent relation. Let's see if they got them hide vests, at least."
Fort Glenn
  • Jane: "Old Glenn Mills would've been proud."
Fort Glenn
  • Clarence: "Uhh... Maybe you should leave me outside. Don't they put pigs like me in cages, for sport?"
Fort Glenn
  • Dezi: "(Snort) Better not try to put me in one of them cages, or I'll claw their noses off."
Galen's Crossing
  • Across Rivers: "This place still stinks of greed. I hope their hearts haven't already grown too cold."
  • Jane: "We got a history, me and Weeks. I'd love to empty my revolver into that fat slimeball."
  • Jane: "Grackle. Hometowns make a body feel good, don't they?"
    • Clarence: "Sure, Jane. If you don't come back looking like a walking slab of bacon."
    • Dezi: "Yeah, if you know where your hometown even is. Some of us ain't so lucky, Jane."
  • Dezi: "Don't parade me around too much. Didn't make so good of an impression, last time I was here..."
Heronwall Summit
  • Across Rivers: "I wonder if that book women is still here? Without her, we would have never found Olvidado Pueblo."
Hunting Territory
  • Across Rivers: "Shtaataahaa! The cave where I first learned of the Olvidado Bracelets!"
Joe's Hideaway
  • Jane: "I guess if you're lookin' to hide, this is the place."
Joe's Hideaway
  • Clarence: "Joe's place--wonder what poems that crazy bard's got cooking."
Olvidado Pueblo
  • Across Rivers: (Sings) "Where bog and mire touch an endless plain, rocks of three come home to me..."
    • Jane: "What's that tune? Catchy."
    • Clarence: (Hums along)
    • Dezi: "Got a nice voice there, Across Rivers."
Oscuro's Stead
  • Clarence: "Cecilia's old place. Nothing but bad memories here..."
  • Jane: "Quickbend. Wonder if that Essex fella's still alive. Odd character... "
    • Clarence: "What, that occultist? Raving on about body transfer, some immortal named Aleph. Crazy as loon, if you ask me."
    • Across Rivers: "He wanted me to get him a book on the spirits. I don't approve of his methods."
    • Dezi: "Essex? I met that fella. Wanted to see my brand. Breath smelled like tobacco and booze."
Quigley's Lantern Room
  • Clarence: "The Lantern Room? Huh! Can't get you VIP treatment anymore, if that's what you're after."
    • Jane: "I don't bed with no wagtails, Clarence. Got a husband, remember?"
    • Across Rivers: "I don't know what "VIP treatment" means, but I don't think I want it."
    • Dezi: "Wait, you can't? What good's a former brothel-owner-turned-Pigman if he can't get you tail?"
Thriving Place
  • Clarence: "No saloon? Well, guess that means no windows to get tossed through neither..."
Thriving Place
  • Across Rivers: "The fire still burns cold here with Wiindigo's remains..."
Wolfsbane Hole
  • Dezi: "Hey, what do you want to bet there's still some wolfsbane left? Might be useful."


  • The Passenger could be considered as an in-world representation of the Player, who can make the protagonists do anything at their whim, even so far as killing their loved ones.
  • The Brand can be found at the entrance of the Blood Moon temple. This suggests the Wanderer learned the rune from the Ancients. Similarly, the icon of the Profane Linguistic affliction, the ability to understand the Gelsennig language, is also the Brand.