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Temples of the Ancients are ruins of a long past civilization that once inhabited the Weird West.


The first who rediscovered the temples in the West was the Oneirists, when they came from the Old Home and settled in the region. While sheltering in an old cave, they felt a great power coming from under the sands,[1] and under the guidance of the Authority, dug into the cave system. There they found hewn walls, stone floors, doorways, but on a massive scale, to an extend that they needed to build their own staircases to access. The power they sensed before came from the Dreaming Tree within the ruin, which powered the inner workings of the temples.[2] This ancient ruin was later named Somnolence by the Authority and soon became the headquarter of the Oneirists in the West.[3]

Sigil Stones[]

A sigil stone.

To gain entry to the temples, one must find Sigil Stones which sometimes can be looted from the Oneirists. An easier way is to find an abandoned temple, usually found in desert locations (they are either labeled as Oneirist Temple or Oasis). There are usually outlaws guarding these places and they should have a sigil stone with them. They also have a low chance to appear in random containers.

Canker, Fighting Pit, and Horsetail Grotto have their own sigil stones and they can only be acquired during the Pigman Journey.

Notable Temples[]


  • There is a odd glowing ball inside Oleander Temple. This is a reference to InFlux, an unreleased game by Joe Wintergreen, one of the developers at WolfEye studios.
  • There are lightning wisps flying around the temples. They are harmless but if attacked, they electrocute anything nearby.
    • These wisps are also similar to Oneirists' Summon Wisps ability.
  • The monoliths at the Fighting Pit are called the Three Witnesses. Legend has it that they contain the souls of angry spirits, trapped by the Ancients centuries ago.[4]