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Ruth Bough is a witch who uses magic rituals to turn humans into pigmen.


Ruth was raised by her father, Joe Culloch Bough, who treated her harshly. She grew up hating her father and became a bitter person. At one point, she joined the Temple and became an Oneirist. Instead of focusing on the Temple's teachings, however, she started to experiment on body transfiguration, which forced Edith Frond to expel her from the Temple.[1][2]

With the new knowledge and her bitterness, Ruth set out make sure men will never hurt her, "nor any woman or child" ever again.[3] She captured men who she deemed despicable, mutilated them, took their brains and put them into bodies made up of stitched-up pig parts. Then she fed the souls of these abominations to the Soul Tree in order to create the mindless Pigmen.[4] Ironically, these Pigmen became a menace that caused much suffering to many people across the West.

Bounty Hunter Journey[]

A relay found in Quickbend shows that Ruth Bough reached out to the Stillwaters, asking them for human male captives in order to create more Pigmen. Shelby Cross, the leader of the gang, declined.

Protector Journey[]

If Ruth Bough was turned into a pigwoman, she will appear on bounty boards, now leading her own gang of pigmen. When confronted, she will say "You wretch! Hunt me like an animal, will you? Think I'll squeal like one, too? I'll drown you in your own blood--you and the rest of the West!"

Oneirist Journey[]

Ruth captured Cl'erns in Cedar Flats.

If Ruth wasn't killed in the previous journeys, she sent a letter to her former sisters at Somnolence, asking their help to locate Cl'erns though it's unclear whether her plea was answered. However she can be found at Cedar Flats together with her gang of pigmen, where they slaughtered the inhabitants of the town and captured Cl'erns. Constance Driftwood can choose to defeat Ruth and save the pigman or leave him to die.


  • Ruth's father's grave can be found on top of a cliff on the west side of Canker. The plaque reads "Here lies Joe Culloch Bough, who taught his only daughter to fear him. Spirits forgive you, for I won't."
    • His grave contains a wedding band with the names Bough and Culloch engraved into it.
    • There is also a Dreamer's Vervain flower next to the grave.
  • In her office in Canker, Ruth mounted the arm and the head of two of her victims, whose crimes were "inappropriate touching" and "funny looking".