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You and your nation have tracked Wiindigo's spread all the way out West, far from home, where greed's at its worst. Now, you're close. Time to get huntin'.
- The Narrator

Lost Fire Protector Journey is a main quest of Across Rivers.


The following outcomes are the direct consequences of Across Rivers' actions during his journey. This section contains spoilers for subsequent journeys.

Oneirist Journey[]

  • Across Rivers and Maryanne Wilson:
    • If Across Rivers chose to ally with the Dagger and Bones, a faction of the company at Fort Glenn will mutiny against Maryann. Across Rivers will go to the fort to help Maryann quell the revolt but both will be buried alive. By the time Constance arrives, she can save Across Rivers but Maryanne is dead by then.


  • The inscriptions seen in the bracelets' icons can be read from the game's texture files, and are actually a quote from Grimscribe: His Lives and Works, a collection of short horror stories by Thomas Ligotti. The inscription says: "In the rooms of houses and beyond their walls—beneath dark waters and across moonlit skies—below earth mound and above mountain peak—in northern leaf and southern flower—inside each star and the voids between them—within blood and bone, through all souls and spirits—among the watchful winds of this and the several worlds—behind the faces of the living and the dead..."
  • If Across Rivers didn't kill Galen Weeks in Galen's Crossing, there is a chance he shows up at Olvidado Pueblo among other Ravenous.