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Abducted. Cursed. Your new body'll horrify all comers. You wanna find out who you once were, you might have to uncover some old wounds... And risk opening new ones.
- The Narrator

Pigman Journey is a main quest of Cl'erns Qui'g.


Quigley's Lantern Room[]

The Lantern Room.


The following outcomes are the direct consequences of Cl'erns' actions during his journey. This section contains spoilers for subsequent journeys.

Protector Journey[]

  • If Shelby Cross is still alive by this point, and if Jane kept Flora Albright's secret from Marshal Diego Trogón, Cross will kidnap Flora and kill her.
  • Ruth Bough:
    • If she was turned into a pigwoman, she will form her own gang and a bounty will be posted on her.
  • Cecilia Oscuro:
    • If Cl'erns asked for Cecilia's forgiveness, she can be found in Cedar Flats. There is a unique conversation with Cecilia if Cl'erns is part of Across Rivers' posse.
  • Pigmen:
    • If Cl'erns released their souls, they start to live along side human in towns, farms, mines, random encounters. Some of them become outlaws and can end up on bounty boards. There are also many news articles and letters mentioning the pigmen regaining their sentience. Cl'erns also start working as an apprentice for Lian Yao in Lian & Sons Co.


  • In Ruth's office in Canker, there is a blackboard with a number of names. Clarence Quigley's name is marked by a red circle.
  • On another board in the same room, there are pictures of various individuals.
    • Galen Weeks' picture can be found there, suggesting he's also one of Ruth's targets.
    • Pain's picture is there, though it's been crossed out.
    • For some reason, Alonso Bell's picture is also on the board.
    • Interacting with the board prompts the Narrator to say that one of the faces is familiar, and that's probably Clarence before he was turned into a pigman.