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Pain is the owner of the Fighting Pit, an arena in the edge of El Castillo desert where fights to the death, as well as betting on them, take place.


Pain is actually an immortal and a member of The Twenty-One. Like his brethren, he came from the Old Home, and had lived for thousands of years. He's obsessed with pain and inflicting pain, and many torturing devices can be found in his office. One of the reasons he runs the Fighting Pit is to witness the brutal carnage that takes place there.

Pigman Journey[]

During Cl'erns Qui'g's quest to stop Ruth Bough and find Cecilia Oscuro, he must access the Ancient Temple beneath the Fighting Pit. Pain possesses a Sigil Stone, a key to the Temple, and Cl'erns Qui'g must take part in a Pit fight in order to gain the Stone.


  • A photo of Pain can be found in Canker, in Ruth Bough's lab.
  • In one of the Random Encounter, Heathen lets Cl'erns Qui'g draw three tarots cards. It does not matter what Cl'erns chooses, one of the cards is always the Pain Collector. This card seems to refer to Pain, as Heathen immediately asks if Cl'erns has been hanging out at the Fighting Pit.