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Nimp Relics are item found throughout the game that can be used to unlock Abilities. They are petrified claws of a species of ancient creature.[1] In the environment, they emit a faint purple glow. Locations of Nimp Relics that appear in the environment are fixed, but those are found in chests and containers are usually spawned randomly. They have high chance to spawn in ornamented chests, silver chests, mound caches-especially those in Treasure Hunt quests. Nimp Relics can sometimes be found in rock piles in dead-ends of tunnels, which can be blown up using explosives or Explosive Shells Ability.

Fixed Locations[]

Grackle On the rooftop of the saloon.
Albright Stead Found in the well which is cover by a metal grate. Crouching next to the well to grab it.
Stillwater Campsite On a broken wagon guarded by two Stillwaters. This is a temporary location thus it's not possible to come back and pickup the relic should you missed it the first time.
Greenwood Run On the West side of the Stillwater camp, in an abandoned wagon.
Greenwood Run In a safe in the last part of the underground tunnels. The safe combination is given by a captive if the protagonist freed them.
'Wanderer Caravan' Random Encounter 1-2 can be bought from the wanderer merchant.
Galen's Crossing Found inside the large building where tabacco leaves are dried. The building is off-limit so sneaking through a window and grab the relic on one of the tables.
Big Gulch Mine Above ground, inside the shed.
Copper Mountain Quarry On a wagon, southern side of the mine (above ground).
Copper Mountain Quarry On a mattress, northern part of the flooded area of the mine.
Dread Slough On a post, east side of the camp.
Dread Slough In the cave under the Soul Tree. Use an electricity attack to the door or go through the Astral Gate in Canker.
Cedar Flats Under the bridge.
Quigley's Lantern Room In the southern corner of the first floor.
Canker On the table of Ruth Bough's office.
Fighting Pit Near the strange circular rock on the south-eastern side of the fighting pit.


  1. Item Description - Nimp Relic: "A shard of bone carved from the flesh of an ancient creature."