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Mines are locations dotted across the West. Many of the mines are owned by Vulture Mining Co.


  • Mines have three different map variations.
  • Mines and underground tunnels in general have ore veins that can be mined using pickaxes. If there is no pickaxe, explosives also do the trick.
    • The ore veins respawn if a new bounty is populated in a mine.
  • There are rubbles that can be blown up using explosives (dynamites, explosive barrels, shotguns' explosive shots, etc.)
  • Activating a mine cart will get it moving, allowing the protagonists to hide inside while moving past enemy patrols, or turning it into a moving cover/shooting platform. They can also transport barrels.
  • The wooden beams can be climbed onto.
  • If a mine is labeled as copper, silver, or gold mine, it means it has many deposits of that type of ore.

Notable Mines[]

Abandoned Mines[]

Abandoned mines are occupied by outlaws, Mine Crawlers, Ridgebacks, or Wraiths.