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Melee weapons consist of various types of knives, blades, blunt weapons, and tools. Like Ranged Weapons, they have five different rarities: normal (1 star), copper (2 stars), silver (3 stars), gold (4 stars), and legendary (5 stars); and can be upgraded using copper, silver, and gold nuggets. Legendary weapons cannot be upgraded from gold weapons, and need to be bought from stores, looted from silver chests (low chance), or found in Treasure Hunt quests (low chance). Melee weapons are silent and allow the Protagonist to perform one-hit kill or knock-out on unaware enemies, depending on whether the weapons are lethal or non-lethal.

Melee Weapons[]

  • Warclubs can stun enemies, and are also non-lethal weapons.
Icon Weapon Damage Range Attack Rate Resale Value Upgrade Cost
Cleaver Icon 1.png Cleaver 40 Short Slow $2 2 CopperNugget.png
Cleaver Icon 2.png Copper Cleaver 46 Short Slow $10 7 SilverNugget.png
Cleaver Icon 3.png Silver Cleaver 52 Short Slow $22 10 GoldNugget.png
Cleaver Icon 4.png Gold Cleaver 59 Short Slow $60 N/A
Knife Icon 1.png Knife 21 Short Fast $2 2 CopperNugget.png
Knife Icon 2.png Copper Knife 26 Short Fast $10 7 SilverNugget.png
Knife Icon 3.png
Knife Icon 3 Absolutionist.png
Silver Knife 33 Short Fast $22 10 GoldNugget.png
Knife Icon 4.png Gold Knife 41 Short Fast $60 N/A
Knife Icon 5.png Legendary Knife 51 Short Fast $120 N/A
Machete Icon 1.png Machete 35 Medium Average $2 2 CopperNugget.png
Machete Icon 2.png Copper Machete 40 Medium Average $10 7 SilverNugget.png
Machete Icon 3.png Silver Machete 47 Medium Average $22 10 GoldNugget.png
Machete Icon 4.png Gold Machete 55 Medium Average $60 N/A
Machete Icon 5.png Legendary Machete 63 Medium Average $120 N/A
Initiate's Knife Icon 1.png Initiate's Knife 26 Medium Fast $6 2CopperNugget.png
Initiate's Knife Icon 2.png Copper Initiate's Knife 32 Medium Fast $25 7 SilverNugget.png
Initiate's Knife Icon 3.png Silver Initiate's Knife 38 Medium Fast $56 10 GoldNugget.png
Initiate's Knife Icon 4.png Gold Initiate's Knife 46 Medium Fast $150 N/A
Warclub 25 (non-lethal) Long Fast $2 2CopperNugget.png
Warclub Icon 2.png Copper Warclub 34 (non-lethal) Long Fast $10 7 SilverNugget.png
Warclub Icon 3.png Silver Warclub 40 (non-lethal) Long Fast $22 10 GoldNugget.png
Warclub Icon 4.png Gold Warclub 48 (non-lethal) Long Fast $60 N/A

Improvised Weapons[]

Certain tools and junk items can be used as improvised weapons. Although they don't deal much damage, some of them can stun enemies and are non-lethal weapons. Shovels and Pickaxes can be upgraded to gold rarity with a cost of 30 gold nuggets apiece, and actually have much higher damage than the gold equivalent of other melee weapons. The gold shovel, in particular, is great for a non-lethal playthrough due to its high damage, long reach, and fast attack speed.

Icon Weapon Damage Range Attack Rate Resale Value Upgrade Cost
Bone Icon.png Bone 17 (non-lethal) Medium Fast $1 N/A
Little Hammer Icon.png Little Hammer 29 Short Average $2 N/A
Pickaxe Icon.png Pickaxe 29 Medium Average $6 30 GoldNugget.png
The Golden Driller Deluxe Icon.png The Golden Driller Deluxe 63 Medium Fast $62 N/A
Pitchfork Icon.png Pitchfork 29 Long Slow $1 N/A
Shovel Icon.png Shovel 29 (non-lethal) Long Average $3 30 GoldNugget.png
The Golden Digger Max Icon.png The Golden Digger Max 63 (non-lethal) Long Fast $62 N/A