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Melee weapons consist of various types of knives, blades, blunt weapons, and tools. Melee weapons can have Weapon Perks.


  • Like Ranged Weapons, melee weapons have five different rarities: basic (1 star), copper (2 stars), silver (3 stars), gold (4 stars), and legendary (5 stars).
  • They can be upgraded up to Gold tier using copper, silver, and gold nuggets.
  • Legendary weapons cannot be upgraded from gold weapons, and need to be acquired in the following ways:
    • Bought from stores that randomly have them on sale.
    • Looted from silver chests (low chance)
    • Found in Treasure Hunt quests (low chance).
  • Most weapons can cause secondary effect such as Bleeding and Stun.
  • Melee weapons are also silent and allow the Protagonist to perform one-hit kill or knock-out on unaware enemies, depending on whether the weapons are lethal or non-lethal.
  • Even during open combat, using a non-lethal weapon to reduce enemies' health to 0 also results in incapacitating them.
    • Attacking knocked-out enemies again, however, will kill them regardless whether what type of weapon was used.

Melee Weapons[]

  • A Gold Cleaver can be found in the basement of Shepherd's Dale.
  • A Gold Initiate's Knife can be found in Oleander Temple.
Icon Weapon Damage Property Range Attack Rate Upgrade Cost
Cleaver Icon 1.png Cleaver 40 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Slow 2 CopperNugget.png
Cleaver Icon 2.png Copper Cleaver 46 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Slow 7 SilverNugget.png
Cleaver Icon 3.png Silver Cleaver 52 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Slow 10 GoldNugget.png
Cleaver Icon 4.png Gold Cleaver 59 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Slow -
Cleaver Icon 5.png Legendary Cleaver 69 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Slow -
Knife Icon 1.png Knife 21 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast 2 CopperNugget.png
Knife Icon 2.png Copper Knife 26 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast 7 SilverNugget.png
Knife Icon 3.png Silver Knife 33 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast 10 GoldNugget.png
Knife Icon 4.png Gold Knife 41 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast -
Knife Icon 5.png Legendary Knife 51 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast -
Machete Icon 1.png Machete 35 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Average 2 CopperNugget.png
Machete Icon 2.png Copper Machete 40 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Average 7 SilverNugget.png
Machete Icon 3.png Silver Machete 47 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Average 10 GoldNugget.png
Machete Icon 4.png Gold Machete 55 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Average -
Machete Icon 5.png Legendary Machete 63 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Average -
Initiate's Knife Icon 1.png Initiate's Knife 26 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Fast 2CopperNugget.png
Initiate's Knife Icon 2.png Copper Initiate's Knife 32 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Fast 7 SilverNugget.png
Initiate's Knife Icon 3.png Silver Initiate's Knife 38 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Fast 10 GoldNugget.png
Initiate's Knife Icon 4.png Gold Initiate's Knife 46 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Fast -
Initiate's Knife Icon 5.png Legendary Initiate's Knife Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Fast -
Warclub Icon 1.png Warclub 25 Stun.pngStun
Long Fast 2CopperNugget.png
Warclub Icon 2.png Copper Warclub 34 Stun.pngStun
Long Fast 7 SilverNugget.png
Warclub Icon 3.png Silver Warclub 40 Stun.pngStun
Long Fast 10 GoldNugget.png
Warclub Icon 4.png Gold Warclub 48 Stun.pngStun
Long Fast -
Warclub Icon 5.png Legendary Warclub Stun.pngStun
Long Fast -

Improvised Weapons[]

Certain tools and junk items can be used as improvised weapons. Although they don't deal much damage, some of them can stun enemies and are non-lethal weapons. Shovels and Pickaxes can be upgraded to the gold rarity with a cost of 30 gold nuggets apiece, and actually have much higher damage than the gold equivalent of other melee weapons. The gold shovel, in particular, is great for a non-lethal playthrough due to its high damage, long reach, and fast attack speed.

Icon Weapon Damage Property Range Attack Rate Upgrade Cost
Bone Icon.png Bone 17 Non-lethal Medium Fast -
Little Hammer Icon.png Little Hammer 29 Non-lethal Short Average -
Pickaxe Icon.png Pickaxe 29 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Average 30 GoldNugget.png
The Golden Driller Deluxe Icon.png The Golden Driller Deluxe 63 Bleeding.pngBleed Medium Fast -
Pitchfork Icon.png Pitchfork 29 Bleeding.pngBleed Long Slow -
Shovel Icon.png Shovel 29 Stun.pngStun
Long Average 30 GoldNugget.png
The Golden Digger Max Icon.png The Golden Digger Max 63 Stun.pngStun
Long Fast -

Unique Weapons[]

Icon Weapon Damage Property Range Attack Rate Upgrade Cost
Knife Icon 3 Absolutionist.png Engraved Silver Knife 33 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast -
Proving Knife Icon.png The Proving Knife 21 Bleeding.pngBleed Short Fast -