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Flora Albright is a minor character and the sheriff of Grackle.


Flora lives with her husband Morgan Albright and daughter Chloe Albright in Albright's Stead, which they themselves built. She is a good friend of Jane Bell and was there when Jane retired and buried her bounty-hunting gear. Shortly before the events of Weird West, she invited Jane's family over for supper at one occasion.[1] Flora is the first Grackle sheriff to stand to the Stillwaters gang in years and lived.

Bounty Hunter Journey[]

Prior to the events of Weird West, Flora was a deputy of Grackle. When the town was raided by the Stillwaters, the old sheriff was killed and she took over the leadership of the town.[2] Soon after, she rushes to Bell Stead, only to find Huck Bell killed and Alonso Bell abducted by the same gang. She finds Jane alive, encourages her to dig up her old bounty hunter gear, and asks her to go to Grackle's prison where one of the Stillwaters is held. In Grackle, Flora and Jane interrogate the Stillwater to find out where the Stillwater gang would take their captives.

Pigman Journey[]

A retired Flora in civilian clothing.

If Flora is still alive by this time and Jane kept her secret, she will retire and can be found in her stead. She also wears civilian clothes instead of her sheriff outfit and her old sheriff hat can be found on the farm's scarecrow. Townspeople in Grackle can be heard expressing disappointment that she's no longer their sheriff.

If Jane exposed Flora to marshal Trogon, she will be hunted by the law and becomes a bounty. The description on her bounty says "Man-eating Siren masquerading as a Sheriff. Wanted for fraud, murder, and cannibalism."

Protector Journey[]

If Shelby Cross is still alive by this point and Jane didn't reveal Flora's secret to marshal Trogon, Flora will be kidnapped and murdered by Cross. Both the news and people in Grackle will mention her disappearance. Across Rivers can find her body in Copper Mountain Quarry and tell Morgan Albright. Afterward, a news article will report her death.


  • If Jane attacks her in Grackle and reduces her health close to 0, she will be forced to turn into Siren and ran away. Later she will send a relay to Jane explaining that her secret is out and her family has to run away. Albright Stead will indeed be abandoned.
  • Flora has a close relationship with her deputy, Monte Clasp. If Monte dies while traveling with Jane, Flora will send a relay, saying she loves "that idiot like a brother".