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Essex Mast is a minor character and a self-proclaimed expert on the occult and immortality.

Bounty Hunter Journey[]

He first appears in Quickben, having been captured and imprisoned by the Stillwaters. If Jane Bell frees him, he will appear in later journeys.

Pigman Journey[]

He can be encountered during the 'A Familiar Face' Random Encounter, in which he encourages Cl'erns Qui'g to find Jane and recruit her. If Jane is already a member of Cl'erns' posse, he'd recognize her. He says he is chasing after a mysterious immortal being called Aleph and then departs.

He later meets Cl'erns again at the Fighting Pit, claiming he needs a branch from the Soul Tree which he would use to jam into Aleph's heart and trap their soul in a special vessel. He claims this is an old magic from the Ancients called soul transference.

Protector Journey[]

At Heronwall Summit, Essex reveals that his brother, Kit, died in front of his eyes. Witnessing the finality of his brother's death prompts him to seek immortality. He asks Across Rivers to get a book from The Scholar, which was written by the Ancients regarding soul transference—one of the steps needed to gain immortality. When asked why he seeks the soul of Aleph but not other members of The Twenty-One, he says that Aleph is somehow weaken and vulnerable and that allows him to use the branch of the Soul Tree on Aleph.


  • Essex Mast's Journal can be looted from Essex.
  • In Werewolf Journey, Essex offers Franciscus money in order to talk to Dezi. If Dezi kills or knocks Essex out, he can actually loot $500 from Essex.