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Diego Trogón is the Marshal of Weird West, leader of the law enforcement in the region. He sends out relays when there is a bounty on a notorious outlaw.

Bounty Hunter Journey[]

While Jane Bell is trying to track down Shelby Cross, Flora Albright contacted Trogón to ask for assistance. But by the time he arrives at Copper Mountain Quarry, Jane has already left the mine. If Jane managed to find and kill Cross, Trogón congratulates her. But if Jane let Cross slip away, he tells Jane to go home and he and his men will take care of Cross.


  • During the Oneirist Journey, some NPCs can be heard saying "Heard the Marshall's packed up and vanished. Not a word to anybody. What's goin' on?"
  • Trogón is mentioned in a news article for ordering sections of Relayogram receiver bands to be reserved for distress signals.
  • In another news article, he's said to exterminate a group of cultists.