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Companions are characters that can be hired or recruited to join the protagonists' posses, or sometimes accompany them as part of a quest. Companions range from lawmen, hired guns, to even outlaws; and they have different reactions to the protagonists' choices and actions. Some might feel so strongly that they decide to leave the posses. Procedural-generated companions can usually be found in saloons, while there are story characters that can join the posses as part of the main quests.


  • The HP and damage output of companions are based on their ranks. They can have 4 ranks: one star, two stars, three stars, and the strongest is one star with wings.
  • The Posse Leader perk also increase HP and damage.
  • Companions have unlimited ammo.
  • Companions can be told to equip any weapon in their inventories by holding the Interact button. And they can usually use one ability associated with each kind of weapon.
  • A maximum of two companions can be recruited at a time.
  • Companions have their own moral values: good, neutral, and bad. They might leave the posse if the protagonist did something against that values.
  • Most of the protagonists can also be recruited as companions in later journeys.
  • It's possible to store items in companions' inventories but make sure to take any item back before dismissing them. They are also automatically dismissed at the end of each journey and it might not be possible for the new protagonist to recruit said companion in order to regain stored items. Flora Albright is a prime example of this as she retires after the first journey.
    • The only ways to take back items in this case to to kill/knock out said character, or steal from them.
  • They also automatically equip any Vest given to them.
  • Companions don't use Amulets.
    • However, past protagonists still benefit from amulets they wore during their own journeys. If these amulets are remove from their inventories, however, they cannot equip them again.
  • Upon being dismissed, companions who travel with the protagonists for a certain amount of time might become Friends for Life. If all weapon were removed from their inventories, however, they will show up bare-handed and therefore are not much use in a fight.
  • Companions generally try to walk away from the protagonist's aim or dynamites.
  • Companions can gain Vendettas.

Unique Companions[]



Joe's Hideaway[]

Oleander Temple[]

Thriving Place[]

  • Red Thunderbird

Random Encounter[]


  • When standing close to certain objects, companions will start interacting with them. They might sit on chairs, warm their hands over campfires, use the outhouses, etc.