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Franciscus is a cleric and the de facto leader of the Absolutionists. Many people believe that he discovered the way to turn people into werewolves and founded Gavan's Hounds, a group of devotee-turned werewolves who protect the Church from the Oneirists threat.

Bounty Hunter Journey[]

Franciscus is briefly mentioned by Minerva Long in one of her notes, though not by name. He is the person who persuaded Leila Vidrio to join the ranks of Absolutionists and promised to cure her of her illness.

Oneirist Journey[]

If Franciscus wasn't killed during the Werewolf Journey and if the Blood Moon was destroyed, he will be imprisoned by the Oneirists at Somnolence. If Constance frees him while Dezi is part of the posse, he will immediately become hostile and has to be killed or incapacitated. However, if Dezi is not in the posse, Franciscus will run away and can later be hunted down as a Bounty.

When Constance takes on Franciscus' bounty and confronts him, he says the following: "They sent... you? But-- you're the one who freed me in the first place! Well, I'll not go quietly back into captivity!"


  • If Franciscus is freed, some Oneirists can be heard saying "It matters little if Franciscus is free. His army is broken."
  • In his journal, the name "Caroline" is written many times though it is unclear who this person is.