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Cursed. A monster in the eye of this fellow man.
But a monster with a past.

Cl'erns Qui'g is one of the five playable characters in Weird West. Cl'erns was once a man but he was kipnapped and turned into a pigman by a witch named Ruth Bough. Now he had to find Ruth to stop her from turning more people into pigmen.

Pigman Journey[]

During the quest to discover his past and identity, Cl'erns has to visit Quigley's Lantern Room. Here, upon finding the love letter Clarence sent to Cecilia, he discovers that he is none other than Clarence Quigley, the owner of the brothel.

Protector Journey[]

He has a vague collection of what happened during the Pigman Journey and starts to refer to himself as Clarence Quigley again. He also sends a letter to Jane Bell since he heard she also has a brand like his.

If Cl'erns freed the souls of the pigmen, Across Rivers can find him working as an assistance for Lian Yao in Lian & Sons Co. Some of the people in Cedar Flats, however, are not happy with a pigman living in the town. They send out letters across the West, asking for support and donation in order to chase Cl'erns away. If otherwise, Cl'erns didn't free pigmen souls, he will end up in Joe's Hideaway together with Pigman Joe.

Oneirist Journey[]

Ruth captured Cl'erns in Cedar Flats.

If Ruth Bough wasn't killed in the previous journeys, she can be found at Cedar Flats together with her gang of pigmen, where they slaughtered the inhabitants of the town and captured Cl'erns. However, if Ruth is dead by this point, the townspeople also strung Cl'erns up. In both cases, Constance Driftwood can choose to intervene and save the pigman or leave him to die.


  • In one of his banters, Cl'erns mentions that "Ma always said I was halfway to bein' a Pigman afore I was even grown."
  • Lian Yao claims Cl'erns is the finest apprentice she ever had. She also says he has "big, dumb, nimble fingers".
  • While mining for ores, Cl'erns uses one hand while other protagonists have to use two.