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A former worker at Quigley's Lantern Room, trying to roll with the punches.

Cecilia Oscuro was a sex worker at the Quigley's Lantern Room. She was in love with the owner, Clarence Quigley, despite being abused and beaten by him. At one point, she had a locket made for Clarence, and the pair disappeared soon after.

Protector Journey[]

If Cecilia wasn't killed during the Pigman Journey, she abandoned her home at Oscuro's Stead, and can be found in Cedar Flats. If Cl'erns is also in town, she says that she comes there to check on him, making sure that he's not doing anything bad. If Cl'erns is already a member of Across Rivers' posse, a tense conversation between him and Cecilia ensues.

Cecilia also has a chance to appear in the End of the Line Random Encounter. If Across Rivers helps her, she offers to join his posse.