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Buried your irons. Traded 'em for a normal life. Tonight, though, that's all gonna change. Destiny's callin'—and it ain't takin' no for an answer.
- The Narrator

Bounty Hunter Journey is a main quest of Jane Bell.


Bell Stead[]

Pick a shovel in the barn then go to the tree near the shooting range to dig up the bounty hunter gear. Leave Bell Stead and travel to Grackle. On the way, Jane will be attacked by a few Coyotes. Dispatch them, loot any necessary items and continue to Grackle.


Grackle has just also been attacked by the Stillwaters, many people were killed or abducted, and many buildings are abandoned. This is an opportunity for Jane to loot many places in the town without any consequence. She can also find keys in these buildings that allow her to access them later should she chooses to steal from the town. Also grab a Nimp Relic on top of the saloon.

There are three ways to find out where the Stillwaters went:

  • Go to the sheriff office, talk to Flora Albright to start interogating Cason Stillwater. Jane can ask him nicely or torture him, the choices don't matter as he will reveal the location of the Stillwater Campsite in any case.
  • Kill Cason Stillwater, with a loss of 10 Reputation, then loot a note from his body. This note gives Jane the general direction of where the gang went and Jane can follow it to discover the Stillwater's camp on the world map.
    • If Jane kills Cason even before starting the interrogation by shooting him through the window, Flora will have a unique dialogue, saying Jane has forgotten how interrogation works.
  • Or Jane can just wander around Grackle until the location is revealed.

Optional activities:

  • Talk to the blacksmith's wife standing next to the town entrance near the sheriff office to start The Abducted Blacksmith quest.
  • Break down the boarded-up door of the school to free the two children stuck inside.
  • Use a bandage to revive an injured townsperson in front of the clinic.

Stillwater Campsite[]

This location serves as tutorials for a number of gameplay mechanics. The map is linear and consists of multiple segments, each is guarded by a few Stillwaters. Clear out all the Stillwaters in the area or sneak past them if possible. Make sure to pick up the Nimp Relic on top of a broken wagon near the oil spill since it's not possible to go back to this location later on. At the end of the map, investigate the footprints in order to reveal the next location and progress the quest.

Galen's Crossing[]

The objective of this part is to find where Alonso was taken, and there are many different approached to achieve this:

  • If Jane has the deciphered relay, show it to one of the guards at the entrance of of Galen's Crossing, and he will take Jane to meet with Mayor Weeks. Here, Jane as a few options:
    • Threaten to take the information by force, in which case she will be attacked by Weeks' guards which are numerous and powerful at this point.
    • Complete a task for Weeks in exchange for information, which involves acquiring the deed of Brush Creek Farm from the Saitos. Going this route, however, will make Monte Clasp leaves Jane's posse if he was recruited.

Copper Mountain Quarry[]

In order to open the stone door leading to where Shelby Cross is, Jane must find three levers hidden through out the area.

  • The first lever is in the large flooded area with a broken mine cart track. It's on a small ledge which can be reached by stacking boxes and barrels. Or Jane can just shoot the lever to switch it.
  • The second lever is in the small, northern-most room of the map, where there are a few cages.
  • The third is found in the same place Alonso Bell is imprisoned. It's hidden behind a red curtain on a small ledge. The easiest way to switch the lever is to aim through the curtain until the reticle is locked on something and shoot.

Before ending the journey, make sure to take back any item from Flora and Monte. Flora cannot be recruited again while it might takes sometime for the next protagonist to reach Grackle to recruit Monte.


The following outcomes are the direct consequences of Jane's actions during her journey. This section contains spoilers for subsequent journeys.

Bounty Hunter Journey[]

  • Alonso Bell:
    • If Alonso survives Copper Mountain Quarry, he comes back to Bell Stead, mourning his son.
    • If Jane kills Alonso, he's buried at Bell Stead next to Huck. The Mysterious Girl visits the farm, saying that she's surprise "the Passenger" would do such a thing.
  • If Jane attacks Flora and forces her to turn into a siren, she and her family have to disappear from Grackle and Albright's Stead. Flora also sends a relay to Jane, explaining why she ran away.

Pigman Journey[]

  • Flora Albright:
    • If Flora's secret is revealed to Trogon, she will become an outlaw and there is a bounty on her.
    • If Jane keeps her secret, Flora becomes a Friend for Life, retires, and go back to her homestead.
  • Shelby Cross:
  • Essex Mast continues to appear in this journey if Jane freed him from imprisonment in Quickbend.
  • Quickbend:
    • The town fully recovers and all services are available if Jane defeated the Stilwaters there.

Protector Journey[]

  • Galen Weeks:
    • If Jane killed Galen Weeks, his son will take over as the leader of Galen's Crossing.
    • If Weeks is left alive, he's still in Galen's Crossing, but is now a Ravenous.


  • At the bottom of the pit where Alonso Bell is held, there is a dead "Royal Protector" named Corvo. This is a reference to Corvo Attano, one of the protagonists of the Dishonored franchise. Raphael Colantonio was a co-creative director of the first Dishonored game.
    • The body has a machete and a revolver, which refer to two of Corvo's main weapons, a sword and a pistol.
    • There are also an unusual number of hostile rats nearby. One of Corvo's abilities allows him to summon swarms of rats to devour his enemies.
  • When rescuing Alonso, depending on whether Jane has her wedding band or not, he will respond differently:
    • If Jane doesn't have the band: "You pawn your wedding band for that gun? Pragmatic, I guess, given the situation."
    • If Jane has the band: "A wedding band and a gun--thought we'd never have to see the day you were a married woman and a Bounty Hunter both."
  • Additionally, if Jane rescues Alonso while in Werewolf form, Alonso will say: "Oh, oh goodness, sweetheart? That you under all that fur? Thank goodness you came. But when I said wanted something a little bit more... frisky in the bedroom, I didn't mean... Nevermind."